The Home Based Business Definition of Marketing

So you have begun a home based business, well congratulations. You have entered a most exciting world; you are truly on your way to financial freedom. Or are you? Nothing is for nothing but your world now is all about you and what you are willing to do. This article will tell you what I believe marketing to be and if you chose to follow this, you will get all that you have wished for, that is, if you really want it!

I say that marketing is all about helping people based on their need and your ability to solve their problem based on what you have to offer. Guys, I know this about marketing and that is that it is truly a learned art. You know the nice part is that even though the learning curve may be steep, once it is learned, your profits will increase exponentially.

While it might take a doctor six to ten years to earn a six figure income, a good marketer can be earning a six figure income in a matter of months. So do you think you are up to a little hard work and dedication? Well if you are the rewards can be staggering. I want you to remember that you always begin with their needs. Of course there is a reason for this and that is because your chances of generating an offer that will appeal to them vastly increases. Now that may seem very basic to you but I assure you the application is anything but.

Most of us begin with what has impressed us about our company or product and the attempt to develop our campaign around that, wrong! I call that projecting your values on them and nobody; yes nobody, likes to have that done to them, not even you or I.

But boy do we ever like having our needs met, don’t we? If they believe you are sincerely trying to meet your needs (other than theirs) you become open to being influenced by your prospect. We then would feel a need to reciprocate. Not a good thing to do, it becomes a matter of positioning.

Remember your marketing is all about solving their problems not yours. Nobody likes problems, and when you have one, you generally try you solve it, don’t you? So when you make an offer to solve someone’s problem with good information or an opportunity, you are leading with value that delivers. Lead with value and your prospect sees you as a helper and a person who is truly attempting to be of assistance.

Now you as a marketer have become a problem solver, congratulations! The more problems you solve the more money you make. It sounds easy and it is! And as always you must live well to be well.

You have chosen an exciting profession. No longer is your world dependent on others. Make no mistake about this, this is a business and you are now an entrepreneur. I write and teach, my goal is to help you. I learn something new every day and so should you. As the saying goes help enough people get what they want and you will have all that you want and more. get back to me. Let us create a team, remember if two or more people focus on doing something they can not be stopped.

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